Muttisoft is an independent software vendor (ISV) based in Lugano, on the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

We are active part of the software business since more than 10 years.

The research and development department is leaded by Engineer Maurizio Mutti, expert in software development for the Microsoft Windows platform, web-based applications, automation and project management.


The company is founded on a traditional Swiss strenght, quality:

  • Execution

    Our solutions are always state of the art.

  • Service

    Our goal is to soddisfy every customer.

  • Details

    The details made the difference between good and great products.

  • Tecnologies

    We can find out which is the best technology to have the best result on any project. We use the best tools on the market to build equally great products.


Counting on decades of experience in software development, our team colud work on the following fields:

  • ERP softwares

    Development of ERP typically in a client server environment, but also web based, for the company governance.

  • Delphi components

    Development of components written using the programming language Embarcadero Delphi.

  • Web development

    Development of websites and intranet portals, to soddisfy a whole variety of requests.

  • Automation

    Development of application that can communicate with each other or with already existing softwares.