Azienda CRM is a software that help you to manage your company: customers, invoicing, and warehouse.
It generate for you all the needed documents: quotes, invoices, purchase orders, payment reminders, ...

Azienda CRM is on the cloud so, it will follow you everywhere internet is up: on the office, during trips, by the customer, at home.

We provide all the infrastructure to use the software and save your data in a secure manner.
You have just to use it without the need of installing any software on your devices.

The software is rent under the formula "software as a service", no purchase, you simply pay a monthly fee to use it.

Azienda CRM represents the ideal solution for small to medium sized companies that are looking for a simple solution for the company governance.

Key benefits:

  • Work in a lean and clean way.
  • Quotes, invoices, quantity on stock and address book always with you.
  • Nothing to be installed on your devices.
  • Secure communication aver SSL.
  • Daily backup included.

Only in Italian

Unfortunately Azienda CRM at the moment is available only in Italian.


We dedicated an own website to this product, sadly also his website is only in Italian.

Visit the site...